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Post  The Silent Watcher on Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:12 pm

Enigma is an artificial planet measuring approx. 7000km in diameter, created by the mysterious civilization known as the Timeless. The surface is dotted with large cities, separated by vast expanses of an unidentified gray alloy. There are six massive cities, two at the “poles” and four on the equator, each housing the largest spaceports on the planet. Other major cities are smaller, but similar in composition and scattered around the world. Enigma has, by far, the largest population of any planets in the star system, at 200 billion inhabitants; though the population density is surprisingly low, for the most part, with most of the population centered on the six spaceports.

The surface is divided into two parts, the Upper City and the Mid-City. The Upper City is a series of extremely large skyscrapers, connected on many levels, creating a complex “web” structure above the many major cities on Enigma. They house the more wealthy individuals. The Mid-City is the surface proper, with smaller housing complexes and factories. However, even though the Mid-City is on the surface itself, buildings are often built on top of smaller buildings, leading to multiple levels. Vast expanses of the Mid- and Upper Cities are uninhabited, due to the sheer scale of them, and large areas of the planet surface are completely undeveloped, with no structures built upon them, leading to an extremely flat plane of the gray alloy composing Enigma. Few structures are built in the surface areas, as they are already present, only requiring interior design.

Immediately beneath the surface is the Undercity. Law enforcement has hardly any presence, and crime is extremely common. Many buildings are constructed in the larger areas, typically built of scrap metal, though proper construction is not unheard of. The Undercity is extremely large, and extends many kilometers into the planet. However, an extremely large part of the Undercity is uninhabited and unexplored, leaving the entire section to be considered the “crust” of the planet. Expeditions, and information from Enigma computers, have estimated that the Undercity extends to a depth of approx. 223km. Large parts of it are still lit by sunlight, brought down from the surface via a complicated setup of lenses and mirrors, though there are other methods of lighting. Enigma’s own defenses are not present in the Undercity.

Most of the Enigma underground is divided into three layers, and they are an eternally-shifting maze of passages and rooms. There are many large hubs of rooms, connected by large passageways. Each hub has another series of hubs and passageways, and so and so on until actual rooms are found. The three layers are divided in terms of security and complexity. The deeper layers are extremely complex in comparison to the others, with much higher security. Many Timeless vaults can be found in these areas, based on information from computers, though few have gone past the Undercity and returned. Security is typically present in defense drones and turrets, though maintenance drones are capable of defending themselves. The rooms and passages throughout the superstructure are well-lit, though the void separating them is not. Security and maintenance drones typically fly through this void, and they do not require light. The outer layer is estimated to be approx. 750km, and the two layers beyond that are estimated to be 1000km each.

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