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Post  The Dark King on Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:32 pm

Directly from TSW's post, here are the rules of the game.

Each player may take one major action, or up to five minor actions, per turn as circumstances allow.

Major actions include virtually every possible action a player can perform.

Minor actions are, as the name suggests, minor. Things like searching a slain foe for items after a battle, going to a store and purchasing items, etc. are examples of minor actions.

Any action can be any type of action as circumstances allow, players are to use common sense to determine what is major or minor.

A d6 will be rolled as many times as necessary to determine the outcome of an action, combat, and virtually everything in the game. Exceptions can occur.

The results of an action are usually determined via the following table:

1 - Epic Fail. You have made the situation far worse than if you had ordinarily failed.
2 - Fail - Your action did not succeed, with all the consequences of failure or inaction.
3 - Minor Success - Your action was incomplete, or completed in a disappointing way.
4 - Success - Your action succeeded, with all rewards and consequences thereof.
5 - Epic Success - You succeeded in such a way that the situation has turned in your favor.
6+ - Overshot - You succeeded in a way that made the situation worse.

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