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Post  The Dark King on Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:29 pm

Made mostly because of my OCD, as well as TSW's unwillingness to make a separate topic for materials of this nature.

*The below section was TSW's post that he put in the Natural Resources section*


Nanomaterials are quite simply any material that is host to a large number of nanomachines. Any material could be used, but typically one would use metals. Nanomaterials are nearly impossible to destroy, as the nanomachines actively maintain and repair it. Most nanomaterials are composed of metals, and virtually all samples are scavenged from old Enigma tech, as nanotechnology is still in development. One downside to nanomaterials is that they are virtually impossible to enchant, as the nanomachines would disrupt the magic. However, there are many examples of enchanted Timeless devices and constructions made of it, presumably created via their unparalleled knowledge of magic and technology. An example of a nanomaterial structure would be a building that actively reinforces itself in response to stress, creating new supports from existing material, and improving the ones already present. Another would be a self-cleaning firearm, or self-repairing armor. It is incredibly difficult to reprogram the nanomachines, as they do not communicate with the outside world. However, in many cases it is easy to simply reuse the Enigma nanomaterials in another construction, and they will automatically determine its' purpose. Though, salvaging it from Enigma is an entirely different story, as in many cases the object in question will break down.


On an unrelated note, I see the more advanced technology (ie. space travel, plasma weapons that aren't flamethrowers, efficient mass accelerators, nanotech) as reverse-engineered from Enigma tech, which many examples were from any previous civilization that discovered Enigma (did we have any civilizations like this?) and reverse-engineered the Timeless originals, and understanding the technology itself is difficult. Basically, a past civilization reverse-engineered a Timeless original, then another civilization discovered that, and another civilization discovered that, etc.

On a side note, did we decide on how long ago the Timeless existed? As in, how long ago was Enigma built? Because we could have many civilizations rising up between their time and the present.

As for an example, imagine a civilization with no knowledge whatsoever of how gliders work discovered one, and constructed one of their own that worked. Do they know HOW it works? Probably not. Will they learn how by studying it? Probably.

I mean, how long did it take humanity to understand how fire worked (as in, chemical reactions)? God-knows how long we've used it, but actually understanding the chemical reactions behind it?

*End TSW's post*

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