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Post  The Silent Watcher on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:27 pm

Quoted from system disccusion.


The 8 stats are as follows:

Strength: The physical strength of your character. Affects carrying capacity, melee combat, etc.
Endurance: How long you can perform an action, such as running. Also includes holding your breath.
Dexterity: How well you can control your movements, including flexibility. Affects ranged weapons, acrobatics, reaction times, etc.
Intelligence: How intelligent your character is. Affects magic, problem solving, decision making, etc.
Willpower: The mental strength of your character. Affects magic, manipulation (of yourself and/or others), psychic abilities/resistance (if any), etc.
Charisma: How charismatic your character is. Affects social interaction, store prices, etc.
Constitution: How durable your character is. Affects how easily you can heal, how much damage you can take, pain tolerance, etc.
Perception: How well you perceive things in all the senses, including details. Affects ranged weaponry, detection, etc.

Stats are determined by the Game Master, with player input.

Stats are on a scale of 1-100, though bonuses may take the stat over the maximum.

All actions requiring a stat check have a difficulty rating of 1-200.

Some actions requiring a stat check have a secondary difficulty rating of 1-100. If the stat in question is lower than this number, the action is an automatic failure.

When the difficulty ratings are determined, and the stat passes the second rating, a d60 is rolled. The stat in question is added to the roll. If this equals or exceeds the difficulty rating, the action is a success.
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