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Post  The Silent Watcher on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:27 pm

Quoted from the System Discussion section.


As we know, the health system is based off of injuries, status effects (ex. infected wounds, disease, etc.), and common sense, as opposed to an actual HP system.

Minor injuries would be things you can ignore. These can get infected if untreated.

Major injuries are serious, like a sword wound or a bullet to the arm. These will give penalties, and could potentially kill (through blood loss or infection, etc).

Serious injuries are things like losing an arm. These WILL kill (through blood loss, etc.), unless the situation calls for it (ex. loss of arm via laser, no blood loss due to heat).

Fatal injuries are obvious, like getting shot in the heart. These are almost guaranteed to kill, of course, BUT will be extremely rare.

Instant kills only occur when you either do something really stupid, botch something serious (like bomb defusal), etc. These will likely never happen. And by "likely" I mean if you have some common sense, these won't happen period. Caught in a trap? It won't be an instant kill. Jump off a cliff? You're probably going to die.

Each type of injury can become a different type overtime, such as via healing or neglecting it, and multiple injuries can become another one (ex. one cut is nothing, 100 is something else).

On a side note, some injuries can be treated as a different type, depending on the situation. If you're stabbed in the chest with a dagger and remove it, you'll have a higher chance of dying via blood loss. Keep it in and you may survive.
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